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Set Up:

Coffee: 35g
Grind: 8/10 (1=very fine, 10=very coarse)
Water: 94°C (80ppm)
Brewer: Inverted
Filter: 1 paper and 1 metal
Total brew time: 1:45


1: Add water 94°C 110g into server.
2: Put 1 paper and 1 metal filter into filter cap and then rinse.
3: Add 35g of ground coffee into chamber.
4: Add 100g of water into chamber.
5: Stir for 15 sec and then turbulent wiggle 10 sec.
6: Wait until 1.15 min. Put the filter cap on and flip the AeroPress.
7: Using the elbow to press the AeroPress into the server for 30 sec.
8: Enjoy

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