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3rd place WAC 2022 Jennifer Rui Ping Ho 600x600.webp

Set Up:

Brewer Position: Inverted
Filter: 1 AeroPress Classic, Dry
Dose: 18g
Water: Perfect Coffee Water, 84°C, 200ml
Grinder: Comandante, 30 Clicks
Time: 2:00
Coffee: Quietly Coffee x Cafe Imports Colombia Finca Juan Martin, Natural, Striped Red Bourbon


1. Pour coffee into chamber
2. Pour 100ml of water
3. Stir gently and bloom for 30 seconds
4. Add 100ml of water and stir gently
5. At 1:30, flip and press for 30 seconds
6. End brewing at 2:00
7. Aerate and serve

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