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Set Up:

Brewer Position: Inverted⁠
Filter: 2x Classic Paper⁠
Dose: 18g
Water: Lotus Water (5 Mg 4 Ca 5 So 3 Po), 100°C⁠
Grinder: Comandante C40, 32 Clicks
Coffee: Coffee: Washed Kenya AB from Karindundu, Nyeri sourced by Cafe Imports, roasted by Fieldwork Coffee, profiled on a ROEST, packed on a SOVDA Pearl Mini, in a custom EcoBarista home compostable bag.⁠


1. 0:00 - Add 18g of coffee and 50g of water for blooming⁠
2. 0:15 - Stir very fast for 32 times⁠
3. 0:30 - Add water up to 160g and rinse paper filters⁠
4. 1:00 - Lock filter cap⁠
5. 1:25 - Turn AeroPress around and set it onto the server⁠
6. 1:35 - Push slowly until 1:50⁠
7. 1:50 - Finished brew should result in 135g of coffee; dilute it until 150g with room temperature water⁠
8. Pour the coffee back and forth between two servers for 10 times⁠

9. Serve at a pleasant temperature⁠

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