AeroPress Recipes

Click the images to view some of our favourite AeroPress recipes, created by winners and finalists in the World AeroPress Championships.

Brewing with Go by lake_@calin.charles C

Winner: 2019 W.A.C.

Wendelien van Bunnik,

the Netherlands

Person pressing AeroPress on kitchen cou

2nd Place: 2019 W.A.C.

Benja Khemacheva,


Go on mug with beans by window_by Harry

Winner: 2018 W.A.C.

Carolina Ibarra Garay,


Brewing with Go by suitcase_JAnderssonPh

2nd Place: 2018 W.A.C.

Xiaobo Zhang,


Pressing Go on rocks by water_by Nikki B

Winner: 2017 W.A.C.

Paulina Miczka,


Go and lid on tree stump_Michael Langton

2nd Place: 2017 W.A.C.

Yusuke Narisawa,