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Great News Coffee Lovers- The World AeroPress Championship Is Back!

The World AeroPress Championship is a global coffee making competition, in which competitors from over 60 different countries compete to discover who can brew the best cup of AeroPress. 


The beloved competition is now in it’s 13th season, but with an ever-so-slightly retooled format, this years competition is set to be the most intriguing yet!

To find out more about how the W.A.C. will look this year, along with all the details about event listings and hosting opportunities, head to

The run down for the W.A.C. 2021:


1. This years national events will run from May through to September.

2. The world final will be held in December, competed remotely and judged in Melbourne, Australia.

3. The event will be live-streamed around the world.

4. A surrogate barista will brew each champion’s recipe for a local judging panel to crown the 2021 World AeroPress Champion.


Wanna brew like a pro? Click the link to view past winners and finalists AeroPress recipes:


Show me some winning recipes

Be sure to head on over to to keep up to date on all things comp related.

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