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2023 Australian AeroPress Championship

On December 1st, the best brewer from each state went head to head at the Australian AeroPress Championship, in a never-been-done-before, multi-round, points-based battle, testing a whole range of each state champion’s skills. 

Suzy McGhee from Villino Coffee Roasters took out first place and will go on to represent Australia in the World Championships.

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Melbourne, Australia - December 2nd 

First Place & World Champion: Tay Wipvasutt, Thailand
2nd Place: Carlo Graf Bülow, Germany
3rd Place: Leon Zhang, China​

54 competitors took to the stage to brew for our panel of judges, made up of Australian legends and our reigning 2022 World AeroPressChamp.


Our six semi-finalists went head-to-head in battle,
instead of the usual format of three brewing at a time, making for a sudden death face off the final spots in the World Final.
We were then met with a final battle between our three winners, each with a competition winning recipe of the washed Kenya AB from Karindundu, Kenya, but ultimately it was the Thai competitor, Tay Wipvasutt who wowed the judges with his extremely clean, sweet, delicate and balanced brew of the championship coffee.

WAC World Digital Poster-update.png

Wanna brew like a pro? Click the link to view AeroPress recipes from past winners and finalists:


Show me some winning recipes

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Vancouver, Canada - December 1-3 

First Place & World Champion: Jibbi Little, Australia

2nd Place: Simon Derutter, Belgium

3rd Place: Jennifer Rui Ping Ho, Singapore

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