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Set Up:

Brewer Set Up: Inverted
Number of Filters: Two
Rinsed? Yes, rinse it
Dose: 18.0g
Third Wave Water Formula: Formula 2: 100% Espresso
Grind Setting: 7.0 on the Macap Labo 70D
Water Temp: 80°C (176°F)


1. Add coffee: Add 18.0g coffee in the inverted AeroPress
2. Pour water: Start the timer when water hits the coffee. 0.00-0.10 add 50g water @80°C (176°F).
3. Stir: 0.10-0.15 stir very gently 3 times back and forth.
4. Pour water: At 0.15-0.30 pour water from 50g to 200g @ 80°C (176°F).
5. Stir 0.30-0.50 allow to brew, at 0.50 stir very gently 3 more times.
6. Allow to brew: At 1.00 push excess air out, attach the filter cap and let it brew till 1.40.
7. Flip brewer: At 1.35 put the pitcher on, at 1.40 flip the brewer so coffee doesn't spill.
8. Press: When flipped, press right away at 1.40-2.00.
9. Swirl to cool: Swirl at 2.00-2.30 and in the end pour from altitude to another pitcher.
10. Serve: Enjoy!

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